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Zara Dove Gray Rectangular: 8 Ft. x 10 Ft. Rug


- The flat-woven kilim has been a staple of the rug world for centuries, and has regained some of its former glory in recent years. Amer's Zara collection is a nod to the current trend in the home dcor market, but with fun colors and updated patterns that make Amer's Zara collection unique. The Zara collection is thicker than a typical kilim, making it more stable and durable over time, and thus, a better overall rug. Lovable from the outset, the Zara collection will win hearts without breaking the bank. Zara: discreet comfort - Durable and All-Wool Construction - Flat-Woven Designs are Colorful and Stylish - Reversible - Construction: Hand-Woven - Cleaning Care Instructions: Polyester resists dirt is stain resistant. The use of a rug pad is strongly recommended. Rotate regularly for even wear. If a Fiber does not stay intact at any point, use scissors to trim it level with other Fibers. Minor spills may be blotted with a clean cloth and cold water. Liquid spills and soiling may be cleaned with a dry agent such as Capture. Do not use oxygen cleaners on your rug Amer Rugs - FW6DG0810

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