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Michelin Power Pure SC Radial Front Tire


Tubeless dual compound radial for track or performance street riding Revolutionary light tire technology makes these tires more than 2 pounds lighter than comparable high performance tires without compromising durability or performance LTT (Light Tire Technology) reduces unsprung weight and rotating mass; benefiting acceleration; braking and grip 2 compound technology (2CT) The center compound withstands aggressive acceleration and braking; while the softer shoulder compound helps ensure outstanding grip on road or track Wider 2CT shoulders compared to other Michelin tires mean that most or all of the contact patch is made up of softer; grippier rubber when the bike is leaned into corners Semi-slick tread design; grooves cover only 12% of the tread surface; helping to maximize the contact patch The resulting grip helps facilitate extreme lean angles W rated for speeds up to 168 mph Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 120/70-15 and 110/70-12.

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