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Jardine GP1 Slip-On Exhaust


Stylish; affordable and lightweight Black aluminum canister (where applicable) with stainless teel tubing (polished or brushed finish) Installation is a breeze; requiring at the most a couple of wrenches and a screwdriver Laser etched GP1 logo Note: This product may not be legal for sale or use in California or in other localities due to state and/or federal anti-tampering laws. Refer to before purchasing. Note: Installation of a new exhaust system may change your motorcycles fuel-air mixture requirements. Please consult the exhaust manufacturer directly with questions regarding any modifications that may need to be made during; or after; installing their product. If a jet kit or fuel processor is recommended; see the Intake/Fuel section. Note: Exhaust discoloration (blueing) is caused by engine conditions such as cam timing; fuel-air mixture;operating temperature; etc. It is not the result of defective manufacturing; therefore it is not covered by warranty. See theChems/Lubes section for products to help remove or prevent exhaust discoloration.

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